Concerts are very exciting events. Music is enough to get people to the concert, but how do you excite them once they enter your venue. Concert lasers are an excellent way to excite your guests and to set the mood for the concert. offers event lasers in Austin Texas ; we work with you from start to finish creating a truly unique event laser experience for your concert. No events are too large or too small, offers tailored shows for clubs, concerts, festivals, private and corporate events. If you’re in need of 1 laser or 10 lasers we have you covered.

Concert Laser Austin, Texas also offers lasers for sale in Austin Texas . We can customize a laser system for your needs to be used at many events and venues or we can do a laser install including bounce mirrors, controller and operational training.

Our full color laser projection systems are paralleled by no other, compact, durable and powerful.

Our high power lasers will fill the room with a laser light show that will visually stimulate your guests. It will give your concert the appearance of a professional production, and will really impress the attendees of your concert. It can turn any musical event into a high energy concert experience. Help your concert goers visualize the music with a laser light show that is custom designed for the music. Full Color Lasers has worked some of the biggest music events in the U.S. and has been trusted to perform for over 50,000 people.