Are you looking for a safe alternative to Fireworks for your event this 4th of July? If so you have found the right spot with our Laser Light Shows are 100% safe, non-toxic, non-hazardous, and cause no harm to animals. Let our team of Laser Designers custom design the most technologically advanced Laser Light Show in the Industry. You will be a part of the design process allowing your City, Company, School, or Brand to get the proper recognition it deserves by using your colors, logos, or messages. Once you are satisfied with the design of the Laser Show our team of Laser professionals will handle the whole process from start to finish. This will include FAA Approval Process, Travel, Planning, Set Up, Laser Equipment, Technicians, and Break Down.

Lasers are a safe and clean alternative to doing a Firework show. Unfortunately, Fireworks have caused harm by creating fires, harming individuals, litter, and the death of thousands of animals. This exposure is bad for the environment and can lead to unwanted press about your city or community. Due to the dangers of Fireworks some communities are even offering incentives for replacing fireworks with laser light shows. Why not bring your city into the future with a cost effective Laser Light Show that is clean, safe, and fun. There is no other show like a laser show that can be seen from miles away. Have the comfort watching your Laser Light Show knowing that you made the right decision this year and nothing was harmed during your event.

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Laserworks – Using Lasers as a safe alternative to Fireworks.

  • 100% Safe

  • Non – Toxic

  • No Pollution

  • No Harming Animals

  • No Fires

  • No Dangers