FullColorLasers.com was developed by a team of innovative individuals that wanted to provide the very best laser light experience in the industry. Our team has years of experience coordinating music, sporting, and charitable events we are always professional and on time making your customer experience stress free.
Brooks Palmer


Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Palmer from an early age had the Entrepreneur spiritby getting his first job at the age of 12. Shortly after graduation, Palmer led his first internet venture Acidflyers.com to a 3.5 million dollar business by age 21.  During this time he also produced over 200 club, concert, and sporting events between 1999 to Present. A community leader, Palmer’s businesses have sponsored thousands more entertainment and charity events across North America. In 2008, this multi-dimensional executive launched the online print franchise program Printinginabox.com which has grown into another Multi- million dollar business with over 500 franchises. His other businesses include software, branding, and marketing.

Brandon Parker

Engineer/Laser Technician

Hailing originally from Indianapolis, Indiana, Brandon was transplanted, with the rest of his family to Largo, FL. With a father that was a computer scientist, interests in the technology area came easily to him. Loving electronics and having an interest for how they functioned led Brandon to an education in the science field. At the junior college level, Brandon achieved academically being listed in the National Deans List 2 years in a row and also being a part of Phi Theta Kappa International Honors Society, from St Petersburg College.

Then, his educational journey brought him to the University of South Florida, where he earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Electrical Engineering while also being employed at acidflyers.com. Knowledge in the field of optics and light are key to his desire to engineer shows that are out of this world.

Darren Scott

Artist/Laser Technician

Hawaii-grown and Tampa-made, Darren is known by all for being such a natural extrovert with unrivaled ambition. Since graduating high school, he has acquired a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from USF and worked a variety of jobs in a spectrum of professional fields, all while helping build multiple successful businesses from the ground up. He made up the bigger half of a local music and promotions company that rose to become a staple in Tampa's underground scene during the advent of popular electronic music. Through his event experience, Darren has found a natural talent for event lighting and effects, with which he thoroughly enjoys creating the perfect ambience for any and every occasion.

Another of his most successful business endeavors allowed him to travel through South America, as well as the rest of the US, to create and sell goods under a Fair Trade model. Being the factotum of sorts that he is, you can bet Darren is always looking for new ways to expand his horizons. He will leave no frontier behind: from running successful events, to pioneering ambitious businesses, to being a father and raising a family. Keep up if you can.


Artist/Laser Technician

Hailing from Miami FL. Engineer/Producer/DJ didn’t play with regular toys.. “I preferred speaker’s, electric motors, and light bulbs”.  He built his first laser show out of an old laserdisc player as a kid. Party professional who produces a wide range of electronic dance music and Runs Tampa Bay’s longest running underground all bass music weekly Turbo Tuesday! A true musical artist that is part of the Laser Assassins crew.

Tony Allard

Web Development

Mostly self-taught Tony took an interest in IT/Web Development at an early age learning basic Web Design before graduating high school and building his first PC at the age of 14.   At the age of 19 he earned his CIW Webmaster and A+ PC Technician certifications. After earning certifications he began working as a freelance web designer and a service technician for a local IT business.  After a stint as a vice president and partner in a residential contracting company he refocused his attention to web design.  In 2008 he earned Microsoft MCP, Adobe Flash, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Web Expert Certifications to further his resume.  Tony joined the team at Synergenic Concepts in 2010.

Mitchell Blakemore - Laser Technician
Mitchell Blakemore

Sales / Laser Technician

Mitchell Blakemore, one of our talented lead techs here at the Full Color Lasers headquarters in Tampa, Florida was clearly born to do what he is doing. Spending his more primitive years on the West Coast in Oceanside,California before moving to his more permanent home of Panama City, Florida when he was 8, Mitchell has just the right amount of west coast vibe and Southern Gentlemen and it shows in all he does. Growing up in Florida Baseball was this kids groove that kept him motivated to get out of the country and in to some bigger opportunity and that’s exactly what he did. After spending some time in Tallahassee going to school and the spring and summers bartending on the beautiful sugar white beaches of the Panhandle the move was Tampa. For the last 8 years Mitchell has spent time attending USF and building a career in software sales before meeting The CEO of Full Color Lasers, Long time friend and fellow partner in Lasers Assassins, Brooks Palmer and embarking on this new laser fueled journey in to the world of lighting production. For the last 3 1/2 years Mitchell has been hard at work becoming a ninja in the arts of laser light show design and has found his knack in high energy situations that allow him to explore his creativity behind his Samurai sword which we in the industry refer to as an APC40! With a unique style, incredibly tasteful and seasoned color pallet, and an ear for the music you are sure to get a next level experience while attending one his performances. Whether it’s two lasers or twenty lasers his eye for the design is sure to impress even the biggest critics in the industry and we couldn’t be more stoked to see what the future has in store for this talented Laser Assassin and his team of samurai’s.

Zachary Boyles

Laser Technician

Zachary has always been an entrepreneur and a visionary. By age nine he won the North Carolina Regional Science Fair for his project "The Effect of Radiation on Plant Growth". Loving science and technology; Zachary built his first computer in 2003 and launched his first computer based company in 2005. While continuing his education in the science field, Zachary made dean's List and was invited to be a part of Phi Theta Kappa at Hillsborough Community College. During this time, he also worked as a co-op gaining job experience in Process Control and Instrumentation Engineering. In 2013 Zachary obtain a laser safety officer certification and began working for FullColorLasers.com. He provides the company and their customers with technical support 24 hours a day. Zachary has extensive experience in the field of laser displays and has also created laser graphic shows that have been featured at many events across North America. In 2017 Zachary founded Tampa's first virtual reality arcade - Tampa VR Center.