Full Color Lasers is proud to service the following locations throughout the United States by bringing a visually electrifying laser light shows experience to your city & event.

Full Color Lasers operates event lasers that are capable enhancing any show, concert or event you have in mind. The high power laser technology is perfect and safe enough for any venue. A custom laser light show will be designed based on the event, and will surely make an impression on your audience. There is a reason why laser shows are used at every big event or concert. This is because they work! Highlight your artists performances on stage with a brilliant laser light show.

Laser light shows are an exciting visual experience that enhances any event. Get people talking about your amazing laser light shows and start generating excitement for your upcoming events. Here at Full Color Lasers, we use the highest quality laser projection systems to visually stimulate your guests and give them an experience worth remembering. We will customize a light show for your event, our trained technicians have years of experience that allow them to create a show that will captivate your audience.

Our laser light shows have been featured at some of the biggest musical events of the year and our concert lasers have performed in thousands. Our goal is to provide your venue with a professional style show while giving your guests the best experience that our event lasers can provide.

Our event lasers can perform just about any task that you can ask them to do. Whether you want them to scan the crowd, project an image, write a message, or show a logo. Inspire your crowd with a laser light show that is well thought out and planned; or just let our event lasers sync to the music. The choice is all up to you, it is your event so you should have the laser light show that you want.

Full Color Lasers Services The Following Cities & More!