Are you looking to market your venue for future Washington, DC events? Do you need to draw people for a special event at your venue? Event lasers are an excellent way to draw people to an event and to get people to return to your place for future events. Everyone loves a laser light show, and that alone can boost attendance at your nightclub, bar, etc.

The event lasers run by are professional quality lasers that have performed in front of over 20,000 people at one time and will put on an incredible laser display at your venue. It is an excellent marketing tool to try and entice your guests to return in the future. By visually stimulating your guests, their experience will be enhanced and they will have a much more enjoyable time. This will lead to return customers and more profit for your business! offers laser light shows in Washington DC; we will work with you from the beginning to the end in creating a truly stunning laser light show experience for your event. No event is too large or too small, offers customized shows for clubs, concerts, festivals, private and corporate events. Whether you’re in need of 1 laser or 10 lasers we have you covered.

Laser Billboards Washington, DC also brings laser billboards to Washington DC. What are Laser Billboards you ask? Imagine your logo or message projected in laser on the side of a build or even a large landscape that could be seen for miles in the distance.

Laser light shows are an exciting visual experience that enhances any Washington DC event. Get people talking about your amazing laser light shows and start generating buzz for your future events. Here at Full Color Lasers, we use the best high quality event lasers to visually stimulate your attendees and give them an experience worth sharing with others. We can custom design a show for your event, and our trained technicians have years of experience that allow them to create a show that will excite your guests.

Our laser light shows have been featured at some of the biggest musical events of the year and our concert lasers have performed in front of tens of thousands of people. Our goal is to provide your venue with a professional style show while giving your guests the best experience that our event lasers can provide.