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Welcome to the best source for Laser Light Shows, Laser Rentals, and Laser Installations.

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About Full Color Lasers

Are you looking for Stage Lighting at your next event?

Well look no further because here at we have you covered with the perfect Laser Systems whether you need Laser Projectors for Corporate Events, Video, Professional Sports, Club Lasers, Festival Lasers, Concert Lasers, Party Lasers, or Tours we have the perfect Laser Rental for YOU! We have all sorts of Laser Light Show Equipment that can produce even the most complex Laser Effects.

Laser Lighting is our specialty producing over 300 Laser Light Shows a year

We pride ourselves on being professionals when it comes to Laser Production. Full Color Lasers is in our name so all of our projectors are RGB Lasers producing a wide range of Color Lasers. Need Laser Logos or Laser Animations? No problem we produce high quality custom laser graphics for corporations, sports teams, schools, videos, laser billboards, and more. So, the next time your Event Lighting is boring and you want to upgrade to Event Lasers contact us for a free quote.

Our team of highly trained staff and technicians provide the very best laser lights show experience in the industry. We do custom Laser installations for Concert Tours, Films, Corporate Conventions, Night Clubs, Sporting Events, Outdoor Spectaculars, and Special Events. Whether you need a green laser, a blue laser a full color laser or laser projector we have you covered. With our state of the art lasers we create a truly unique laser light experience for you and your audience.

Along with Laser Rentals we also provide Co2 machines, Video Mapping, and Confetti machines for any event. If you are not interested in renting lasers, all our custom built equipment is available for purchase. We pride ourselves in our work ethic, creativity, and professionalism.

Perfect for Concerts, Corporate Events, Sporting Events, Night Clubs, Bars, Festivals, Laser Billboards, School Rallies, Weddings, Bar Mitzvah, Homecomings, Proms, 4th of July Events, Private Parties & more.

Do you need to make your event more exciting? Rent an event laser today and turn your normal event into the party of the year! We do any type of event including bar laser shows,  concert laser shows, club laser shows, and festival laser shows. Our laser lighting has been praised as the best in the business, and we have performed laser shows for as few as 20 people and as many as 20,000. The laser show that you purchase is sure to impress your club’s guests because who doesn’t like laser beams.

Our trained professionals have years of experience at concerts providing stage lighting and operating high power lasers / Laser equipment. Our laser lighting is safe for everyone, and we have many different types of lasers. Red lasers, green lasers, blue lasers; we have them all! Our full color lasers are emitted from the finest laser equipment for the best laser works. We offer everything including 6 Watt Lasers, 10 Watt Lasers, 30 Watt Lasers, and the powerful 50 Watt Laser to project our RBG lasers.

Located in Tampa, Florida, Full Color Lasers is a nationwide company that will do any show, anywhere, at any time. We even do international events, including Caribbean laser shows. We are a huge presence in Florida club lasers, and our Tampa Bay light shows and Southeast light shows have dazzled crowds for year.  We are known for our Florida concert lasers, Florida laser shows, and Florida laser rentals. In fact, we have gained notoriety for our spectacular laser event light shows, convention laser light shows, and college laser shows  throughout the country.  We also do Florida club lighting, Florida concert lighting, and Florida event lighting in addition to our Florida laser light shows.  Our full color laser projections will blow you away, so make sure Full Color Lasers is performing at your next event.

No event is too big or too small for our laser lights. Whether you want a private party laser show or a big sporting event laser show, our RGB full color lasers will take your event to the next level. Laser lights can be a part of any event and our laser projectors can be featured at corporate event laser shows, homecoming laser shows, wedding laser shows, school rally laser shows, and prom laser shows. Don’t think we don’t work on holidays too! We do 4th of July laser shows, Christmas laser shows, Halloween laser shows, St. Patty’s Day laser shows, Memorial Day laser shows, Special Events and any other holiday that you can think of.

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