Festivals create a space where people can come together to enjoy the best music, food, likeminded people and transform the everyday into the extraordinary. Beyond all the special touches you are using to make your festival unique, why not raise the caliber of the festival with Event Lasers? Our Party Lasers will transform stages, tents and spaces, and other unique areas into high-tech light wonderlands.

Festival organizers nationwide rely on FullColorLasers.com to transform their festival into a big-deal event. Our Laser Shows entertain the crowd with fully saturated colors and visuals. We can even use your logo, special messages, and other images to get the crowd interacting and inspired. After the festival, you’ll be impressed with how many people are still talking about the Lasers and how awesome the event looks when people post about it on social media sites.

Our Laser Show synchs perfectly with music and other special entertainment you have at the festival. It’s an added benefit to know that the Lasers are 100% non-hazardous and a no-mess alternative when compared to other decorations.

We take care of all the Laser Rental details, including Planning and Design, Set Up, FAA Approval, and Break Down. Our Laser Equipment Technicians have worked with all types of organizations and festival sizes for unique Laser Shows. The Event Laser packages are sure to bring a special element of wonder and fun to your festival like no other lighting, effect, or other device.

Feel free to contact us here at FullColorLasers.com for a Free Consultation.

Laserworks – Adding Lasers to make your Festival Laser Show memorable.

  • Custom Colors and Light Patterns
  • Experienced Technicians for All the Lighting Details
  • 100% Safe
  • Non – Hazardous