Laser Light Shows can transform a good bar into the best party atmosphere. has the latest technology and experienced staff to create custom Party Lasers that interact with the crowd and make your venue memorable. Think of how it can elevate a special birthday party, corporate event or one-off night at your bar.

Our Event Lasers entertain the bar patrons by surrounding them with fully saturated colors and visuals.
Bar owners and promoters call on throughout the country to transform their bar for high-caliber events. We can use your logo, display messages, and other images to get the crowd interacting and seal the event in their memory. After the event, you’ll be amazed with how many people are still talking about your bar and the Lasers. With social media, people all over your area and visitors will see how awesome your space looks and will make a special note to come visit your bar when out on the town the next time.

Our high power Laser designs synch perfectly with DJs and live music as well as with other special entertainment. It’s a plus to know that the Lasers are 100% non-toxic and a no-mess alternative as compared to other decorations.

We handle all the Laser Rental fine details, including Design and Planning, Set Up, any FAA Approvals, and Tear Down. Our Laser Equipment Techs have experience with all types of bars and venue sizes for special Laser Shows. The Event Laser packages will bring a special element of fun and high-tech polish to your bar unlike any other special effect, lighting, or device.

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Laserworks – Adding Lasers to make your Bar Laser Show memorable.

  • Custom Colors and Light Patterns
  • Experienced Technicians for All the Lighting Details
  • 100% Safe
  • Non – Hazardous