Fireworks, let’s face it, are a costly, messy, time consuming effort. When you are looking to transform your event, there is no better way to impress a crowd than through Laser Works.’s Laser Light Shows create the same energy and awe as fireworks. Each wave of color and our unique light patterns hype the crowd and make your event memorable.

Our Laser Works are environmentally safe, non-toxic and are a no-mess choice when compared to fireworks, confetti, fog machines and one-time use decorations. With our Laser Lighting, your venue and event will be the place where people will see and get to experience the highest caliber of lighting technology and enjoy the party atmosphere. Plus, our high-power lasers synch with live music and DJs, and there’s no worrying about how the laser works go off as the crowd interacts with them. By renting our Lasers, everyone in attendance will comment about how outstanding your venue is to their best friends and acquaintances.

Unlike fireworks, our laser works can be set to the fully saturated colors and patterns you prefer along with any messages or logos you want in high-definition. Our Laser Work pros handle all the details from FAA approvals and travel, set up and design, along with our efficient break down services. has experience in all types of Laser Works, whether you want to transform a Bar or Night Club, Festival, Stadium, Corporate Venue, Outdoor Space, Private Party or another unique place with laser lights. The Laser Work packages bring the best high-tech fun to your venue like no other lighting, special effect, or device.

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Laserworks – Making your Event Remarkable by Adding Lasers.

  • Custom Light Patterns and Colors
  • Experienced Laser Pros for All the Logistics
  • 100% Non – Toxic