Our FCL 2000 laser projector is great for indoor events that demand high-quality laser lighting.

The high output laser packs a powerful 6 watts (6,000mw) of full color to transform your party or event into an amazing atmosphere. The full spectrum of color includes: 2 Watts (2,000mW) 650nm of Red, 2 Watts (2,000mW) 445nm of Blue, and 2 Watts (2,000mW) 532nm of Green. As the colors shoot out over the crowd, the patterns and energy of the laser light show will rev up the crowd. Your event will make a great impression on the crowd when you choose Full Color Lasers to handle all the details of the 6 watt laser light show.

We are proud that the 6 watt laser is made in America.

Our staff is dedicated to making your event successful and has been called on by party planners, venue management, companies and individuals throughout the United States. From bars and dance clubs, hotels, art and cultural spaces, and beyond, Full Color Lasers is the authority on laser light rentals.

You’ll see the difference in how the 6 watt laser makes your event come alive.

The 6 watt has powerful laser beams of 3 mm/1.2mrad and ultra high speed scanners with a wide angle of 40K to 60K pps. The 6 watt laser stands above any other special effect or decoration to wow your crowd. Plus it’s a non-toxic, no mess alternative to fog machines, confetti, fireworks and other expensive, messy decorations and props. Set the tone at your event and make your occasion a high-caliber event with Full Color Lasers.

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Laserworks – Make Your Indoor Event Amazing by Adding a 6 Watt Laser.

  • Laser Lighting Planning and Design
  • Our Laser Pros Handle all the Travel Details, Set Up and Break Down
  • Custom Color and Pattern Choreography
  • 100% Non – Toxic