To amp up the crowd at an outdoor party or festival, you need the best laser lighting. The FCL 2000 Lightning 50 watt laser light is an impressive set up that will immerse your crowd with a high-tech party atmosphere. With the high output Laser Power of 55 watts to 60 watts (60,000mW), you will make a bold impression on the crowd. Full Color Lasers is the authority in laser shows and will work with you to create a one-of-a-kind laser light show experience.

The 50 watt lasers we use create a full color spectrum made up of 5 Watts (5,000mW) 650nm of Red, 40 Watts (40,000mW) 445nm of Blue, and 10 Watts (10,000mW) 532nm of Green. With this color output, the highly saturated colors dance throughout the outdoor setting in a crisp and dazzling way. We can use your logo, custom messages, and unique color patterns to wow the crowd and set your event apart. The 50 watt laser has a beam of 8mm/1.5mrad and ultra high speed scanners that project wide angles of 40K to 60K pps.

We’re proud that our lasers are made in America and our Laser Tech staff stands by to exceed your expectations to make your event memorable. Full Color Lasers is trusted by party planners, music festival organizers, arts and cultural event coordinators, and individuals to transform their outdoor space into a high-tech light wonderland. Throughout the United States and beyond, we are the experts at raising the caliber of your event with the best laser light technology. Plus, our lasers are 100% non-toxic and a better choice than messy fireworks and other props that are costlier and time consuming. Let our Laser Pros coordinate all the fine details and handle the set up and tear down within your event schedule.

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Laserworks – Transform Your Indoor Event by Adding a 50 Watt Laser.

  • Laserworks – Elevate Your Outdoor Event by Adding a 50 Watt Laser.
  • Laser Design and Color Choreography
  • 100% Non – Hazardous
  • Latest Laser Light Technology and Optimal High-Quality Output