30 Watt Full Color Lasers

When you need the best high-tech light show for your outdoor event or venue, the FCL 2000 Thunder 30 watt laser is the best in its class. Our full color laser lights are an outstanding addition to other entertainment you have planned and we will work with you to design a one-of-a-kind laser show. The laser emits at full power with 2.5Watts (2,500mW) 650nm of Red, 20 Watts (20,000mW) 445nm of Blue, and 6 Watts (6,000mW) 532nm of Green color.

Lasers are like no other special effect, device or prop. They are sure to energize a crowd and leave a great impression that will make them talk about the event long after it’s done. The color patterns and custom designs are built into the laser beams and high power scanners. Our 30 watt lasers have a beam of 6mm/1.5mrad and ultra high speed scanner angles of 40K to 60K pps wide.

It’s a plus to know that the FCL 2000 Thunder 30 watt laser is made in America and our technicians pride themselves on the highest levels of customer service. We’ll help you plan the laser light show design, travel details, any FAA approvals, and coordinate set up and tear down in an efficient manner. Our laser is the best technology available and is one of the reasons that event planners, music and event tour managers, and individuals call on us throughout the United States and beyond to transform their outdoor event.

Contact FullColorLasers.com for a Complimentary Consultation to learn more about 30 watt laser rentals.

Laserworks – Make Your Outdoor Event Incredible with a 30 Watt Laser.

  • Laser Light Show Planning and Design
  • Our Laser Techs coordinate all the Details, including Set Up and Break Down
  • Custom Designs including your logos and special messages 100% Non – Hazardous
  • A no-mess alternative to fireworks and other messy props