FullColorLasers.com is your source for laser rentals in Florida, from Tampa, Miami, Orlando, and beyond.

FullColorLasers.com specializes in laser rentals for events both big and small—DJ events, concerts, trade shows, conventions, fashion shows, and just about anything else you can think of. Our laser rentals are just the thing your event needs, with high-quality, powerful custom RGB projectors that are guaranteed to give your audience a great show.

Laser rentals might seem like a lot of trouble, but at FullColorLasers.com, we can even set up your laser rental for you, operate it during the event, and take it back down afterward. Shows in Tampa, Orlando, Miami, elsewhere in Florida, or even out of state altogether are no problem—we are able to come to you if you need us to, making your laser rentals easier than they’ve ever been.

Without laser rentals from FullColorLasers.com, your event is simply not complete. A typical lighting setup is fine, but laser rentals create an effect that you just can’t get with traditional lights alone. Laser rentals are the key to taking your event’s visual effects from good to awesome! FullColorLasers.com is your supplier for laser rentals (and sales too!) in all of Florida: from Miami, Tampa, Orlando, and beyond!