Event Lasers from FullColorLasers.com will transform your show!

Venues throughout the state of Florida rely on FullColorLasers.com to maximize their special event.  Our Event Lasers are the best laser lights around that synch with live music and DJs, decor and your other special effects for a unique party or gathering. We are experienced in using laser lighting for Sporting Events, Meetings and Conferences, Arts & Culture Events, Private Parties and beyond.

FullColorLasers is #1 in laser shows throughout Florida from Jacksonville, Panama City, Tampa, Gainesville, Tallahassee, Orlando, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and all points in between. Our high power laser lights have impressive color combinations and effects. We also can use your logo, special messages, and customized designs for your Party Laser that will exceed your expectations. The audience will be amazed with the laser show as beams of color and designs cascade throughout the area. Not only does laser lighting transform an everyday space into a dazzling venue, but it will make your guests talk about the event and how high caliber it was to their friends.

Our Laser Equipment Techs organize all the details of the Laser Show Design and Planning, and FAA Approvals and Travel, Set Up and Break Down. We have experience in helping corporations, schools and universities, arts and culture groups, and party planners create dazzling Laser Light Parties and Events.

It’s definitely an advantage that our Lasers are 100% non-toxic and we make it easy to break down the event. Our Laser Show Packages fit a variety of budgets. We’ll help bring your Laser Light Party to setting you desire.

Jacksonville laser shows:

From parties on the beach to events in downtown and sporting events, our laser lights elevate the caliber of your event.

Panama City party lasers:

For venues throughout this beach hotspot, special gatherings, beach weddings, unique events and much more, we will make your event extraordinary.

Tampa laser light shows:

Our powerful lasers transform any of the diverse events that Tampa Bay has to offer. From sporting events, fashion shows, corporate gatherings, music events, and beach parties, our laser projectors will make your event stand out from the rest.

Gainesville laser light events:

From downtown parties to music venues and beyond, our laser lights are an element of high-tech cool that will have your event standing out from the crowd.

Tallahassee laser shows:

From college gatherings to arts and culture events and more, FullColorLaser’s laser projections please a crowd and make their experience more memorable.

Orlando laser lighting:

Our high-power lasers go perfectly at music events, culinary events, corporate gatherings, sports events, and more to get crowds to your party.

Ft. Lauderdale party lasers:

Your next party can be awe-inspiring as our laser lights transform your event, beach party, concert, wedding, and more throughout Ft. Lauderdale’s great beaches, downtown, and arts and culture venues.

Feel free to contact FullColorLasers.com for a Free Laser Rental Consultation.

Our Laser Beams make a bold impression on your crowd that will talk about your event to all their close friends.

Laserworks – Adding Lasers to make your Florida Laser Show a memorable event.

  • Custom Design and Colors
  • Experienced Staff to Handle All the Logistics
  • 100% Safe
  • Non – Toxic