Stage lights and smoke machines are great, but your lighting setup is not complete without a high power laser from!

A high power laser is an absolute must when it comes to event lighting because it creates an effect that is both highly visible as well as impossible to recreate with other lighting setups. is the #1 source for all your high power laser needs!

A high power laser may not seem like a good fit for a smaller-scale event, but that’s definitely not the case. A high power laser is crucial even in a smaller event because it can cut through the other effects and stand out, creating an exciting, high-energy feel. Needless to say, a high power laser is also critical for bigger events. specializes in big events, small events, and everything in between, with a range of packages to suit a variety of needs. has the high power laser setup that your next event needs.

Fortunately, having a high power laser setup at your next event doesn’t need to be a huge hassle. At, we will even send high power laser techs to your event if you need us to! We’ll install your high power laser, operate it during the event, and break it down afterward. Whether you need a high power laser for rent or for sale, has you covered!