Venues throughout the Caribbean go to to take their special event to the next level.

Our Event Lasers use powerful laser beams and laser projectors to give your event an edge. We use the logos, messages, and unique designs you would like to create a custom Event Laser lighting package.

Our laser light shows coordinate with live music and DJs, special effects, and other decoration for your gathering or party. We are experienced in laser lighting for Sporting Events, Beach Parties and Hotel Events, Meetings and Conferences, Arts & Culture Events, Weddings and Private Parties, and beyond.

Full Color Lasers is in demand for laser shows in the Bahamas, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Cayman Islands, Haiti, Dominican Republic, and Aruba. We’ll help bring your Laser Light Party to the venue you prefer.

Bahamas laser shows: From beachfront hotel parties to waterside restaurants and other hotspot destinations throughout the island, our party lasers elevate the caliber of your event.

Virgin Islands party lasers: For nightlife venues, big gatherings, beach weddings, special parties and more, we travel throughout the area to make your event extraordinary.

Puerto Rico laser light shows: No other special effect can do what FullColorLaser’s set up can by using powerful lasers to get a crowd excited.

Jamaica laser light events: From music festivals to community sporting events and more, our laser lights are an element of wonder and high tech power that sets your event apart from the rest.

Cayman Islands laser shows: At luxurious resorts, beachfront venues, corporate gatherings, weddings and beyond, our lasers will please your crowd and make it extra special.

Haiti laser lighting: FullColorLaser’s laser projections get a crowd excited and transform your venue from the everyday to the unique event it deserves to be.

Dominican Republic party lasers: At concerts, sporting events, beach weddings and private parties, our laser lights are the perfect balance of wonder and technology that will make your event memorable.

Aruba laser parties: If you’re looking to transform a bar or club, sporting event, corporate gathering, or private party, our laser lights will give you an extraordinary element that will make your event stand out.

Our high power laser lights create high-saturated color combinations and effects. We can also use your preferred logos, messages, and custom patterns for an Event Laser Show that surpasses your expectations. The audience will be amazed with the laser projections as it cascades throughout the space. Not only does the lighting transform the space into a high-tech venue, but it leaves your guests talking about the event long after it has passed.

With our experienced Laser Equipment Technicians, all the fine details are taken care of from Planning and Design, FAA Approvals and Travel, Laser Set Up and Break Down. We know how to help party planners, venue owners, corporate groups, major sporting teams, arts and culture groups, and others create dazzling Laser Light Parties and Events.

It’s a plus that the Lasers are 100% non-toxic and are far easier to use than messy decorations. Our Event Laser Packages fit a variety of budget, so you are sure to find what you are looking for with our team. Contact for a Complimentary Laser Rental Consultation. Our powerful lasers will leave a great impression on your crowd that will mention your event to others.

Laserworks – Adding Lasers to make your Caribbean Laser Show a high quality event.

  • Custom Colors and Design
  • 100% Safe
  • Non – Toxic
  • Experienced Tech Staff for All the Details of the Laser Light Show