School Rallies instill camaraderie and create lots of good energy to encourage sports, academic, and other group efforts to achieve more. Beyond the great speakers and individuals that will be showcased at your rally, why not take it up a notch with Event Lasers? Schools nationwide have called on to transform their everyday rally into a big-deal event.

Our Lasers envelop the crowd with high-tech colors and visuals to pump up the caliber of your rally. We can even incorporate your school logo, mascot, special messages, and other Laser designs to get the crowd cheering more and inspire the teams and people your school cares about. After the rally, you’ll be impressed by how many people will still be talking about the rally. The laser lighting also goes perfect with music and other special touches you want to have at the rally.

We iron out all the details of the Laser Rental, so your school will get to plan the fun of the rally while we stand by to Design, Plan, Set Up, Obtain FAA Approvals, and Break Down after the event. Our Laser Equipment Technicians have worked with all types of school organizations, administrative leaders, rally planners, and other groups for unique Laser Shows.

It’s peace of mind to know that our Lasers are 100% non-toxic and a no-mess alternative when compared to other solo use decorations. Our Party Lasers have been used in all types of venues – school gyms and auditoriums, stadiums, outdoor areas, private venues, and other special locations.

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Laserworks – Adding Lasers to make your School Rally Laser Show memorable.

  • Custom Design and Colors
  • Experienced Laser Tech Staff for All the Details
  • 100% Safe
  • Non – Hazardous