Fullcolorlasers.com is dedicated to bringing incredible laser light shows to events all around Columbus Ohio. We have the best quality event lasers in the business, and our trained technicians have been performing laser light shows for years. It’s no wonder why Fullcolorlasers.com has been trusted to play in front of more than 20,000 people at one time. Our professionalism and experience allows us to give you the best possible experience for your event or party. Our event lasers can scan the crowd, display logos and messages, and perform any task that you would want them too. The high definition lasers are perfect for indoor and outdoor venues, and will stick out amongst all other decorations.

Full Color Lasers provides event lasers that are capable of taking over a show. The high power laser technology is perfect and safe enough for any event or venue. A custom show will be designed based on the event, and will surely make an impression on your audience. There is a reason why event lasers are used at all of the big concerts and events, it is because they work! An event without a laser light show is just less exciting, so rent or buy an event laser and start throwing real events today.

Laser Billboards Columbus, Ohio

FullColorLasers.com also offers laser billboards in Columbus Ohio. What is a Laser Billboard you ask? Imagine your logo or message projected in laser on the side of a build or even a large landscape that could be seen for miles.

Our Laser Light Shows and Laser Billboards will truly make your brand or event stand out from the rest!

Our event lasers will scan the crowd and visually excite your guests, creating images that they will remember for years that happened at your event. Whether it is a concert, party, sporting event, or just a normal event, a laser light show can create an attraction that will get the people talking. It can generate a buzz about your events, and will entice others to come to your future events. Just imagine someone taking a video or picture of your event, filled with lasers, and showing all of their friends the great time they had at your place. The event lasers are a great marketing tool, and will provide a great return on investment.

Columbus Ohio Laser Light Shows
  • Green Velvet with the Laser Assassins
  • LASER ASSASSINS “Throw It Back Girl”
  • LASER ASSASSINS “4 The Night”
  • Tampa Bay Lightning Photoshoot
  • Dillon Francis at Imagine Music Festival
  • Imagine Music Festival
  • Imagine Music Festival
  • Imagine Music Festival
  • Imagine Music Festival
  • Imagine Music Festival
  • Snails @ Imagine Music Festival 2016
  • Imagine Music Festival 2016