The Series 1.5 (lite) is a great introductory laser system, ideal for laser hobbyists, DJs, nightclubs, and small to medium size indoor events. It’s is a full color RGB based system with analog modulation, allowing you to produce a huge array of laser effects and color combinations.

The Series 1.5 (lite)  also features a high speed optical scanning system, so it’s ready to project beautiful beam and liquid sky effects, as well as laser graphics, text and logos. The system is built into a rugged IP54 rated housing, making it great for permanent installations as well as mobile events.

The laser is ILDA controllable, so you can run it from a PC (using a Pangolin laser control system) or over DMX or ArtNET, through Pangolin software. It also features ILDA in/out, so you can easily connect multiple Series 1.5 (lite) units together, for multi-projector shows. The unit also features controls on the back for inverting your X/Y position, as well as adjusting the individual output of your red, green and blue color lines.

In addition, the Series 1.5 (lite) features LASORB protection on all laser sources, helping to extend the overall lifetime of the laser system, well beyond industry averages.

The Series 1.5 (lite) complies with all US CDRH and FDA safety regulations.