The word laser is an acronym meaning “light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation.”

A common misspelling of laser is “lazer,” but sometimes it’s spelled “lazer” intentionally because it can make the word stand out more on an ad or flyer. Since a lazer effect is one of the visual effects that stands out the most at special events, it only makes sense that it should stand out in advertisements as well. At concerts, shows, parties, conventions, or festivals, lazer effects are used heavily to add energy and give the event lighting a dynamic, high-end look.

A lazer setup from is a must if you have an event that needs this polished, professional look.

From our custom RGB lazer projectors best suited for small nightclub events and concert venues to a multiple-lazer packages for larger, outdoor events and everything in between, has a lazer package that’s perfect for your event.

Having a lazer projector set up at your next event is a simple and effective way to ensure that your event stands out. simplifies the process even further with lazer setup options that can even include lazer techs that will travel to your event to install, run, and break down your lazer setup after the show if needed. Whether you call it a laser or a “lazer,” has what you’re looking for!